Welcome to Our Website

The City of Columbus, Nebraska, is pleased to welcome you to our community. Columbus is widely known as the industrial capital of Nebraska and has a corresponding strong work ethic. City staff has worked diligently to develop this website to offer the information viewers need to identify with our city. On this website you will be able to:

  • Know about special events happening in the community and how they might affect your day
  • Know about the city budget and how your tax dollars are being administered
  • Know how citizens serve the community on various boards and commissions
  • Know how to make a request for information, for services, for filing complaints, or for issues that need to be addressed - and, a way to track the same
  • Know the employees serving the community and how to access them
  • Know what issues are present in the community and how they are being addressed
  • Know which department can best address your immediate concerns and needs
  • Know who your elected representatives are, when they meet, and how to access information they are considering, being asked to act on, or have adopted

We hope this website is one you find useful and easy to navigate. If there is something we've forgotten or omitted, please let us know so we can incorporate appropriate modifications as the website evolves. Comments can always be sent via email Ask City.

Thank you for visiting the website and we hope you find the visit beneficial.

Sincerely, Tara Vasicek, City Administrator