Boards, Commissions & Committees

Serving on a Board, Commission or Committee

As a member of one of the city's boards, commissions, or committees, you will focus upon community needs that require your understanding, dedication, vision, enthusiasm, and experience. Your appointment to a position signifies the council's desire to have the benefit of your input during the decision-making process. While council has the ultimate political and legal responsibility for the conduct of local government and the welfare of the entire community, you have an important role in assisting the City Council to fulfill its obligations to our citizens. Participation on a board, commission, or committee can be a gratifying and challenging experience. It provides an opportunity to develop first-hand knowledge of the operating policies and issues facing a municipal government. It personifies citizen participation in policy determination. It gives you an opportunity to play a vital role in the communication process by advising and recommending to elected officials. Elected officials must weigh all advice and information as they reach the decisions for which they are responsible.

If you are interested in a position on a city board, commission, or committee; please complete the Expression of Interest (PDF) form and return it to the City Administration office in City Hall.

Eligibility Requirements to Serve on a Board, Committee or Commission

 Generally, applicants must be eligible electors and reside within Columbus city limits.

Listing of the Various Boards, Commissions & Committees