Adult Softball League

Registration Opens February 1st, 2020

 Manditory Managers Meetings: Gerrard Park-Tournament Headquarters, May 4th, 2022: 6:30pm

Registration will not be accepted after Friday, April 22nd. Parks and Rec Coordinator will be at Gerrard Park on April 20th from 6-7pm. You can arrange a different time to meet with me by contacting me at 402-937-5643 or 402-562-4234.

Roster must be complete and final by April 23rd. NO EXCEPTIONS.Rules/Regulation Acknowledgement Forms must be signed by ALL participants on the roster prior to the first games on May 13,2022.

A player will NOT play in more than one division in each league. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Any minor who is on a team roster and is caught drinking at Gerrard Park will be suspended for one year from that date from participating and being present at Gerrard Park or Parks and Recreation Events. Law enforcement will immediately be contacted regarding the incident. The team whose roster included the minor who was caught drinking will forfeit the rest of their season without a refund.

Canned Beer Rule:

Canned beer only. Consumption of canned beer is restricted to within the confines of the softball complex. The softball complexis physically separated from the rest of the park by the outfield fences and borders between all the fields. Consumption ofcanned beer is not allowed in the dugouts, parking lot, or outside the softball complex. Consumption of canned beer is notallowed by players or staff inside the concession stand.

Any violation of the Canned Beer Rules will result in the offender being banned and the team will forfeit the next weeks games.