Recreational Trails Promotes: 

  • Fun for Youth 
  • Fitness for Adults 
  • Safe Travel Routes
  • Tourism

All trails are open to the public at no charge! There is something for ALL ages! 

Trail Map 1

Use the tabs below to navigate between all the different trails and their descriptions. 

  1. Trail Map
  2. 8th Street Trail
  3. Bob Lake Trail
  4. Castner's Crossing
  5. Monastery Trail
Trail Map 1
  1. Pawnee Park Trail
  2. Powerhouse Park Trail
  3. Robert White Trail
  4. Discoverers Trail
  5. 3rd Ave Viaduct

2.0 Miles Long- 10 ft Wide- Concrete 

This trail invites all ages to walk, jog, bike and Rollerblade along the winding path through the beautiful Pawnee Park along the Loup River. 

Pawnee Park 8th Street 1

  1. Sunset Trail
  2. Two Lakes Trail
  3. Wilderness Park Trail

1.3 Miles Long- 10 ft Wide- Concrete

This trail loops around Lake Esther east of Columbus Community Hospital and west of Columbus Wellness Center. Sunset trail connects to Discoverer Trail. 

Lake Esthersunset