Development Review Team (DRT)


The DRT meets weekly with project representatives to identify opportunities and resolve potential issues before project and development plans are finalized. Through the DRT process all aspects of a project can be discussed including key issues and expectations such as site issues, time lines, processing of applications, phasing, design issues and code requirements. The DRT provides the best possible customer service by maintaining allowing close contact with project representatives, by providing thorough review and feedback on every major proposed project, and by working to resolve issues at the earliest possible stage of development. 


Members of the DRT are the City Administrator, Community Development Director and/or Building Official, City Engineer, Public Works Director and City Planner. These members may invite other staff and professionals as they see fit based on project scope. If applicable, DRT members will visit the project location prior to the DRT meetings and be prepared to discuss all potential issues and opportunities. The DRT shall take notes during the meeting and shall provide those notes to all participants. The DRT and/or staff members of the DRT will provide professional recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council. 

Application Requirements

Project representatives will be provided an application for the DRT. Complete development plans are not necessary for the initial meeting; however, as many details as possible are encouraged to be shared in the application in order to jointly develop the most efficient and successful project. At a minimum the project representative will be asked to provide: 

               1.  Project Representative information. 

               2.  Description of the project. 

Application and Meeting Schedule

Please fill out an application (PDF) to schedule a meeting. Completed applications should be submitted via Email to the DRT.

DRT members will reserve every Wednesday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm for DRT project review and meetings with project representatives. Applications will be due the Thursday prior to the meeting date desired by the project representative. 

Any additional documents should be included upon submission of the application. In addition, please specify the preferred date and time (during the recurring Wednesday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm time slot) when submitting the application and supplemental materials. Following review the DRT will contact applicants in order to confirm a meeting time.