Hydrant Color Coding

Red fire hydrant

Color Coding

Fire hydrants are color coded based on the flow of the hydrant under normal operating conditions, allowing the Fire Department to determine the capacity of each hydrant.

National Fire Protection Association

 The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that the bodies of municipal hydrants, private hydrants, and non-potable hydrants be distinctively color-coded. The City of Columbus paints the hydrants to match the NFPA standards for color-coding according to flow. The National standard for the body colors of the hydrants is a chrome yellow; however, red is a standard color still recognized in the industry. Therefore, the Columbus municipal hydrant body color will continue to be red. The tops or caps of the hydrants will be painted according to flow.

Standard Color Codes

 NFPA 291 – Standard Color Codes for Flow:

CLASS Cless than 500 GPMRED
CLASS A1,000  to  1,499 GPMGREEN
CLASS AAgreater than 1500 GPMLIGHT BLUE

Private fire hydrants throughout the city will have the body and top painted yellow.