Testing & Training

Testing and Selection Process

Appointments are made as vacancies occur. Candidates who fail entry level testing, or who are not appointed, may make application at a later time. All testing and ranking of police officer candidates is under the direction of the Columbus Civil Service Commission. The testing and selection process will include the following steps at a minimum:

  1. Applications (PDF) may be downloaded and mailed to the address below. All additional materials you wish to include should be sent at the same time. If you send an application prior to establishing a closing date, your application will be retained until the next closing date or for one year after the application is received (whichever occurs first).
  2. A written exam will be administered by the Civil Service Commission.
  3. Physical fitness testing will be conducted according to the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center's entrance standards.
  4. As a result of steps 1 through 2, candidates will be scheduled for oral interviews with the Civil Service Commission.
  5. Based on the results of steps 1, 2, and 3, a select number of candidates will be the subject of background investigations conducted by the Columbus Police Department. Candidates may be interviewed at this step by Investigators in order to clarify information supplied by the candidate on the supplemental questionnaire.
  6. Based on the results of the above steps, the Civil Service Commission will certify three candidates for the mayor's consideration, with one additional candidate being certified for each additional vacancy. Appointments are made by the mayor and approved by the City Council.
  7. Psychological and physical exams will be administered to candidates after being offered employment. Polygraph tests and drug screening may be administered.
  8. All candidates making application will be notified of the status of their application within thirty days of the completion of the testing and selection process. This notification will be made by the Civil Service Commission.