Improvement & Maintenance

System Improvement

Sanitary sewer system improvement projects that continue annually involve upgrading the 6" and 8" sanitary sewer mains using Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) technology. Another project is the upgrade of our sewer lift stations with new pump systems and control panels. The city is also evaluating and designing a new regional lift station to serve the needs of the industrial park and the eastern development of Columbus.

System Maintenance

Maintenance includes an ongoing process of routine cleaning and inspecting the entire sanitary sewer collection system to maintain integrity of the system.

Our Combination Jet-Vac Truck works almost daily on a routine preventative maintenance schedule. It delivers an optimal mixture of high-pressure/low volume water for scouring and cleaning the interior of the pipelines. It also uses mechanical cutters to remove root intrusions and grease buildup to reduce pipeline and manhole blockages. Simultaneously, we vacuum the debris from the manhole with a high-power vacuum system.

The next step in the program is regular video inspections by use of a truck mounted main line closed-circuit television (CCTV) system. Information recorded identifies problem areas and evaluates maintenance operations. All new sanitary sewer installations are video inspected prior to acceptance into the city's sanitary sewer collection system.