Tree Ordinance


It is unlawful to cut any tree on city property or right-of-way without authorization. (permit needed) It is unlawful to plant any Cottonwood (except seedless), Pin Oak, Silver Maple, Siberian Elm, Black Locust, or White Poplar on city property or right-of-way.

Distance & Clearances:

  • No street tree can be planted closer than 30 feet from any street corner.
  • No tree can be planted closer than 10 feet to any fireplug (fire hydrant).
  • No tree can be planted closer than 25 feet to any other street tree.
  • Trees cannot be planted closer than 4 feet from any sidewalk, driveway, or street.
  • Trees may be planted in boulevards where there is at least 8 feet between the curb and the edge of the sidewalk.

(It is also suggested that any private trees not be planted closer than 4 feet from any driveway or sidewalk.) No street tree may be removed without replacing the tree, in the vicinity of the removed tree, (if possible), with another tree having a caliper of 1-1/2 inches or larger, or pay $75 compensatory fee.

The city shall have the right to plant, prune, trim, or remove any tree, plant, or shrub within the right-of-way or bounds of all streets, alleys, lanes, squares, or public grounds as may be necessary to ensure public safety.

Permits & Fees:

See the Fee Schedule for details.


  • A clearance of 8 feet will be maintained over walkways and it be the responsibility of the person who owns the abutting property.
  • A clearance of 13 feet shall be maintained over all streets and alleys.

Additional Information

For more detailed information see the City Code.