Form of Government

The City of Columbus, Nebraska, has a mayor and council form of city government. Eight council members represent four city wards and are elected by their ward on a staggered basis for a four-year term. The entire community elects a mayor for a four-year term.


The Mayor and City Council work together to establish goals and objectives for the city and they formulate policy to achieve them. The Mayor presides over official meetings, serving as the executive officer for the city. The Mayor votes only when his/her vote is the deciding vote. The Mayor has the power to veto any ordinance or resolution. A two-thirds majority, or six votes of the council, is required to override the Mayor's veto. The Mayor has control of the Police Department of the city, subject to the statutes of Nebraska and the provisions relating to this code. Appointing citizens to various city boards, commissions, and/or committees is another duty of the Mayor. The Mayor, or another elected official or staff member, represents the city at various official proceedings and functions. The Mayor receives an annual salary based on the City's pay plan for his/her part-time position.