Water Distribution System

Water Utility Division

Water Distribution SystemThe Water Utility Division is responsible for the maintenance of water mains, water services, fire hydrants, water valves, and backflow devices located within the city's service area. The Water Utility Division ensures the distribution of safe drinking water to Columbus residents and businesses and is responsible for the management and implementation of the Cross Connection Control Program as required by the 1986 Safe Drinking Water Act.

Water Distribution System

The Water Distribution System is a conveyance system moving water through miles of piping before reaching your tap. It is the essential link between the water supply source and the consumer. Pumps allow water to move through the system. Valves regulate water pressure and flow direction along the way.

The water distribution system consists of more than 125 miles of water mains ranging in size from 4-inches to 30-inches in diameter and approximately 9,500 metered service connections.

Water Meters


Water meters utilized by the city are Metron Farnier's single-jet technology meters with radio frequency (RF) based automatic meter reading (AMR).

AMR System

The AMR System allows the city to radio-read the water meters with less labor, bill the customer on a monthly basis, and detect problems within a customer's service in a timely manner. Having this capability reduces the water loss and the cost to the customer in the event of a leak on the customer's side of the service. This helps the customer identify leak conditions, backflow or cross connection conditions, zero-use or low-flow occurrences, and allows for detection of encoded register failures.

Water System Improvement

Water system improvement projects that continue is waterline-looping throughout the water system. Another project involves servicing, upgrading, and replacing fire hydrants, to provide quality water service to the community. A third improvement project replaces all 4" water mains with 6" water mains and install hydrants to provide better fire protection services.