Water Utility Service

Maintenance Services

The Water Utility Service is comprised of the water distribution system and sanitary sewer system. We provide operation and maintenance services for the distribution of safe drinking water and collection of the sanitary sewer services to Columbus residents and businesses.

The water distribution system is served by more than 125 miles of water mains. The sanitary sewer system has more than 185 miles of sanitary sewer mains.

The operation and maintenance for the water distribution system includes service and repair for water mains ranging in size from 4 inches to 30 inches. Activities include reading and repair service to approximately 9,000 metered service connections, fire hydrant maintenance and flushing, and water line locations.

The operation and maintenance for the sanitary sewer system includes service and repair to 20 sewer lift stations, sanitary sewer mains, and over 1,500 manholes. Activities include system-wide closed-circuit television inspection and jet / vacuum cleaning of the entire sanitary sewer system, root cutting, and grease removal in identified areas.