Fire Station A1

Main Station

The main station is located at 4630 Howard Blvd. It houses three pumpers, a tanker, an equipment truck, a tiered response vehicle, a grass truck, and a staff support vehicle. Three ambulances are also housed at the main station, one for primary service, one for vehicle accidents, and one backup.

Charlie Louis Fire Station

C. W. Louis Fire Station

The C. W. Louis Fire Station, located at 424 8th Street, is an unmanned station housing one pumper, a reserve ambulance, two aerial trucks, mass decontamination equipment, and Hazmat response unit. This station is also used by the Police Department as a remote reporting location.

Parkside Station

Parkside Station

The Parkside Station, near 5th Street and 27th Avenue, houses a rescue boat and support trailer.

Training Tower

Fire Training Tower

A Fire Training Tower, near the Columbus Airport, is currently used for training by the Columbus Fire Department and fire fighters from surrounding towns. Both volunteer and paid fire fighters receive in-house basic and advanced training at this facility in fire fighting and life saving techniques.