Land Development / Zoning Code

The City of Columbus does not have a department dedicated solely to Planning and Zoning. These duties are shared by the Engineering and the Community Development Departments. The common goal of the two departments is to guide the physical development of the community to meet present and future needs of its citizens in a way that promotes good civic design, convenience, health, safety, efficiency, and provides for a well planned community.

The Planning Commission meets once a month to hear land development and zoning cases. Applications for zoning changes and plats can be obtained at the City Engineer’s office in City Hall.

Columbus Land Development Ordinance

The purposes of the Columbus Land Development Ordinance (PDF) of the City of Columbus are to:

The document can be searched by pressing F3

  • Serve the public health, safety, and general welfare of the city and its jurisdiction.
  • Classify property in a manner that reflects its suitability for specific uses.
  • Provide for sound, attractive development within the city and its jurisdiction.
  • Encourage compatibility of adjacent land uses.
  • Protect environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Further the objectives of the Comprehensive Development Plan of the City of Columbus.
  • Further the objectives of the Long Range Transportation Plan of the City of Columbus.

Title XV of the City Code is known as the Land Usage of the City of Columbus.